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What to Expect at the Playday-

On March 26th, 2020 we will hold our 13th special Playday. Everything is the same as the Fall event, except the date and theme (our theme will be Easter )

We will have a volunteer breifing at 7:30am in the Civic Center Building. Volunteers, please try to attend this short meeting. 

Volunteer buses and vans start arriving as early as 8am at 960 Wheeler Drive, Winnsboro, TX. 75494. Horses need to be there (with their humans!!) by 8:00. (REMEMBER COGGINS)  Our participant buses usually start arriving between 8:30-9am. 

Our activities include: horseback riding, mini horse cart rides and petting area, games and activities, animal balloons by Sonshine the Clown, face painting, music and dancing, lunch, and any other activities that our amazing volunteers bring.

Everything is free to our guests (this includes everyone that comes with our special guests- family, teachers, caregivers, and support staff.) Everything that we give our guests is donated by someone!!! Thank you to our sponsors and those special donation angels that help us pull this off!!!!

We are so excited that we will see you soon!!!

Johnette Poole

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