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Our team of Hooves and Halos volunteers use our horses (and other animals) to reach many different groups of people that live in challenging situations. We also have many different recreational activities for our guests to enjoy. We are a Christian based organization dedicated to helping hurting people. We provide an adventure, an escape from the trials of life, if only for a few hours. Our Playdays were held twice yearly, in the Spring and Fall, until the COVID pandemic. We will now have small events, more frequently.  If you want to attend as a guest or volunteer, go to the register button and sign up. We would love to have you join us, but we need to know you are coming!

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One of a Kind Events for People in Need

We have special Playdays (very much like a Handicapable Rodeo on steroids!!!). Our guests include special needs children and adults, the elderly (especially nursing home residents), veterans and their children/families, prisoners children, troubled children, Hospice and ill children, and all their families and caregivers/teachers that want to come. I think you get the idea, if people need us, they are welcome.

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