Blog / Todays Questions!! Everyone that comes to the Playday has to sign a release

By Johnette Poole
Wednesday, March 02, 2022

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Do the parents, and all that are coming, need to sign up?

  • Yes, everyone that comes needs to have a waiver/release form signed, and in your envelope. Also, if we don't know you are coming, we won't have food and tshirts for you.
  • There will be a form for the leader of the group to sign, when you get to the Playday, that states that "everyone in your party has a waiver/release in the envelope".

Can you use waiver/release forms from last Playday?

  • If you made copies and had the parents sign for this event, that will be fine. The DATE needs to be at the bottom of the sheet

Adult/Volunteer Release form, download HERE

Minor Release form, Download HERE

Johnette Poole

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