Blog / Registration opens Feb 1st for Spring 2019 Playday

By Johnette Poole
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Here we go again!!!

We are getting ready for the Spring event. Registration does not officially open until Feb. 1st, but some of our amazing volunteers have already started signing up!! I am constantly blessed by the people that come to help and love our guests. I can promise, there is no organization on the planet, that can boast of a better quality and quantity of volunteers than we have. If you've been to our Playdays, you understand what I mean when I say, we are family. There is a bond between us that you rarely find. We all come together, join hands and create an adventure for our guests that they will never forget. We never tire of the "heartwarming" stories that evolve from the love and compassion that is shown by guests and volunteers at these events.

Pray for a warm “springtime” day and come enjoy the adventure!

Your friend and co-worker


Johnette Poole

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